Trip to YadagiriGutta from Hyderabad

Last weekend was spent with a trip to Yadagiri. From Hyderabad, there are many buses to reach this place. From Jublee Bus Stand, every 15 mins one bus is available towards here. Also, other stations MGBS has buses, not this frequent. It is around 60kms from Hyderabad and takes 1hr to 1:20 hrs to reach place. Totally, I feel the inside city journey is more than that of outsider city journey towards Yadagiri. Route is to take NH202 High way, which leads to warangal, till raigiri and take other turn for 15 mins to reach Yadagiri.

One of the few temples near to Hyderabad is YadagiriGutta which is place for Lord Vishnu in the form of Sri NaraSimha Avatara of the Ten great avataras mentioned in Hindu epics. Lord NaraSimha Swamy, is half man and half lion, incarnated to kill the evil king Hiranyakasipa (refer to Sanskrit books for exact name) who got the boons from Lord Bramha not to get killed by either man or by animal, either in day or in night, either by metals or by body, either at outside house or insider house, either in sky or on soil etc.

To kill that evil king without voilating the boons given by Lord Bramha, Lord Vishnu in the form of Sri Narasimha (Nara (man) + Simha (lion)) Avatara, is neither a man or nor a animal, kills him in the mid day (i.e exactly 12’O clock) which is neither day time nor night time with his own nails as the weapon which is neither body nor metal at the entrance of the house (called dwara in sanskrit) which is neiter inside of house nor outside by keeping the king’s body in his lap which is neither sky nor soil.

This is the one of the two existed Narasimha Swaymy templs in Andhra Pradesh. Another one located in Simhachalam near to Vizag. It is said that Lord NaraSimha Swamy after killing the evil king, stayed here on this single rock hill (called gutta in sanskrit) untill his anger got under control. That is the reason, the status/idol of Narasimha Swamy at this place is very fearful manner. That is the reason the temple authority not directly show this idol to devotees, by side view. There is another idol established by temple authority for front view to the devotees.

Apart from the historic/mythological importance to this place, there are some more aspects I found here. This place is very small village and completely entire village established just due to this Temple. But, this is a very plesenet place to spend in free time without any traffic noises which become part of our daily routine in city/corporate life. This is the first place I found Tangas (a cart pulled by horse) getting used in place Autos in Andhra Pradesh. Though Autos available, but very few in number. Tanga is a nice experience too. We hired one tanga to reach Old Template which resides in down hill about 2 kms from bus stand.

There are other visiting places near by as well.
1. Surendra Puri, comes 2 kms ahead of Yadagirigutta, which has the replicas of all most all of Indian famous temples idols. But entry ticket is too much argues some people which is 200/- in working days, 300/- in weekends.
2. Kulpaka, one of the few jain temples in andhra pradesh, which is 25-30kms from Yadagiri, 20kms from raigiri which is the junction for other two places. But, local people doesn’t have much idea about this temple even though it’s very near, so you might not get much help by enquiring about this. Better hire a vehicle to see this place as bus route is not direct.
3. Bongir Fort, built on single rock hill in 12th centuary. This comes much early before raching Yadagiri. To cover all, better first drop here before going to Yadagiri. From here, bus frequency is very hight towards both Hyderabad and Yadagiri. Fort is very close to bus stop. It has very robus boundary wall covering entire single rock hill with a gaint rock wall entrance. Though main buildings insider the fort were vanished as Tourism Dept in AP never shown interest in preseving these historic monuments. Though I’m not sure about the kings who built & ruled this fort, by first look it is very attractive with wide long gaint rock walls, never get a chance to see these except in theatre :).

You can find all these places in the above map starting from Bhongir.

Overall, it is one day weekend trip for all. Great relief for those who work entire week without any other thought. Though, it’s very rare to check for accommodation in this place, there is one devastanam accommdation facility in Up hill along with AP Tourism Punnami restaurent. Some of community based dormitories available in down hill like Arya Vysa Satram etc. Apart from these, always private hotels are available charging in the range 200-400/- per day.

Overall that’s a nice weekend trip.

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  1. hi ..can we go to yadagirigutta from hyd and then retun in one day…?can u tell me the bus numbers from jubilee bus stand..and return bus from yadagirigutta?

  2. Yes, you can do that in single day. From Jublee Bus stand, there is a platform for Yadagiri Gutta separately. These are not city buses, direct APSRTC inter city buses with name as Yadagiri Gutta. You can find one every 15 mins from this station. So no need of a bus number even.


  3. If you don’t bother to visit other places near by, you can return Hyderabad before 6PM by starting at 9AM in the morning.

  4. Your infomration is quite useful. Thanks

  5. hi… i am living in chennai., actually my family members had decided to visit the yadagiri narahsima temple, but we dont have proper idea of route to reach temple, so we planned to reach hyderabad first., so after tat your information will help us i think., thanks for your kind information…

  6. @nisha, @venu – welcome.

  7. Hi this is murali…..can any one tell….is there any bus facility or any other transport facility to reach the top of hill……bcoz i want this answer for old people who want to visit…..Thanks in advance friends…..good morning…….

  8. @Murali Krishna,

    Of course, bus facility is there to reach top hill. Also, many autos & tangas there as well. I don’t see any issue for transport even for elder people. You can either go by auto/tanga if you think bus is not suited for elders.

    I went by shared auto there. It seems buses flow is not that frequent, or may be depending on time i guess.

    Hope this will help you.

    – Pa1

  9. what ever the information u quoted is good

  10. Hi,
    can you share me route map,bcz we are planning to go on byke.

  11. hi,
    NIce to hear from u all.I hae a doubt can u clarify it.I do have a Monthly Bus pass,can it be applicable fopr this bus from hyd to yadigiri gutta bcoz it was said that they r intercity buses only na.Reply me ASAP.Thanks in Advance

  12. Excellent trip in holidays from hyderabad to Yadagirigutta for darshanam of Lord LAKSHMI NARASIMHA SWAMY AVATAR . Very Happy Journey either by Bus or Auto rickshaws . Visit everybody ones in a year or two years .


  13. sir iam at ameerpet how can i reach yadagirigutta by bus

  14. Nice info, very briefy covered, thank u. One correction, god narasimha killed hirayana kashayapu around 6pm exactly when the sun was half set. Which is neither day nor night .

  15. Dear Vamsi,

    Brilliant narration & detailed information.

    Planning to visit Yadgiri today, checked for info & the information is of great help.

    Will update you my experience.

    Thanks dear & warm regards,

  16. @VGK,

    Thanks for liking my narration. It would be really great if you also can share your experience here after your visit.


    Thanks man. Let me confirm that correction you pointed out. Because if Sun half set is the case, Sun half rise also should be considered for this case. Thanks for that info anyways.

    – Pa1

  17. We planned one day outing & Yadagirigutta trip was the perfect fit from Hyderabad.
    By car, it’s around 60 kms from Hyd, need to take Warangal highway via Uppal.
    As guided, we left Hyd around 8am & reached Bongir (Also called Bhuvanagiri) by 10am. Midway, we stopped over for breakfast. Since, we knew that there are no good restaurants in btw, we had carried food.
    Even though, fort is not well maintained, it’s still breathtaking. There is a ticket for entry, however a small amount.
    From Bongir, we left to Yadagiri. There are two routes. First one is just after 3-4 kms from Bongir, where signboard is available, however it’s a single road. Avoid taking this route.
    Second one is to reach Raigiri & take left. There is a flyover coming up now.
    Cars are not allowed on Hilltop. Need to park & travel by auto. Not a bad option, considering the limited space available at the hilltop, temple area.
    At Yadagiri temple, there are four different options for Deity’s darshan – Dharma darshan(Free entry), Rs.25, Rs.100 & Rs.150 ticket entry.
    Lunch can be managed at Yadagiri. If you are an Arya Vysya, free meal Choultry is available. The premises is well maintained, food is clean & hygiene. Also, lotus temple for Vasavi is being built there.
    Post visit to Temple, we reached Surendrapuri. It’s a Must visit, where we can see almost all major temple & Gods’ replicas. Even though, some are not exact replica, still it’s worth visiting. Roughly, it would take 3 hours to go around.
    Way back, several Dhabas are present, once you are nearing Hyd. Had dinner & reached Hyd by 10pm.
    The trip will be cherished & thanks to Vamsi & all others for the tips.

  18. @Vinay Gopal Koneri,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Good to see you had great time there. Liked your latest info…!

    – Pa1

  19. thanks 4 ur great is very helpful

  20. Hi ,
    Can we get accomudation at uphill and how difficult to get the accomudation

  21. @suresh,

    I hardly found any private accommodations at uphill, but there are few exists it seems. But, better consider accommodation at down hill, to cover other near by sites.

    You can check the last paragraph of the above article which gives some idea about accommodations.

    – Pa1

  22. @prasad, Thanks.

  23. Hi
    I just happened to visit this blog. First of all, thanks for providing the importance of Yadagirigutta. We knew Lord Narasimhaswamy was there, but not the importance.
    However, a small correction. Lord Narasimha swamy killed Hirankasipa, not H iranyaksha. Hiranyaksha is killed Lord Varahaswamy.

  24. @Ravi, Thanks a lot for the comment & correction. Corrected it now.


  25. Hey Pavan.. That is an excellent post. Thanks for sharing. Do post more of your travel experiences, would love to read them. Keep blogging.

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